Manufacturer: JBL

JBL Turtle Food Staple food 100 ml

Product.Nr.: 7036200

EAN: 4014162703620

Manufacturer: JBL

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  • Amounts of content selection: 100 ml

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product description

Staple food for turtles & terrapins with a size of 10 to 50 cm.
Now with fish-containing food sticks! Balanced mix of dried crustaceans, insects and sticks. Main food for all water turtles and terrapins temperate latitudes. Additional food for tropical pond turtles, birds and other carnivore terrarium animals. Gets cleaned consuming, thus no water pollution.

Analytical constituents:
Protein: 32.00%
Crude fat: 4.50%
Crude fiber: 6.50%
Crude ash: 38.00%
Moisture content: 8.00%

Food coloring iron oxide red E172

Data View:

  • Staple food for turtles & terrapins
  • natural food with sticks
  • Content: 100 ml


  • Grain: 10.00%
  • molluscs and crustaceans: 70.00%
  • Fish and fish by-products 7.00%
  • Insects: 10.00%