Manufacturer: JBL

JBL Agil Food sticks for turtles 250 ml

Product.Nr.: 7034200

EAN: 4014162703422

Manufacturer: JBL

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  • Amounts of content selection: 250 ml

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product description

Main food sticks for turtles with a size of 10 to 50 cm.
Staple food for aquatic and marsh turtles. Floating sticks. Rich in proteins from fish and shrimp, high acceptance rate. Only suitable as occassional treat for tortoises. Lysine for promoting bone growth. Multivitamin complex and stabilized Vitamin C strengthen resistance to disease.

Analytical constituents:
Protein: 40.00%
Crude fat: 7.00%
Crude fiber: 0.50%
Crude ash: 8.00%
Moisture content: 8.00%

Food coloring astaxanthin E161j
E 306 (natural vitamin E extracts)
Minerals and trace elements:
Lysine: 2.35%

Data View:

  • Staple food for turtles
  • with lysine for promoting bone growth
  • Content: 250 ml


  • Grain: 39.00%
  • molluscs and crustaceans 3.50%
  • Fish and fish by-products: 28.54%
  • Vegetables: 21.00%
  • vegetable origin: 5.00%
  • Yeast 2.50%