Manufacturer: JBL

JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C 5W High Power Water Clarifier

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Manufacturer: JBL

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product description

Water Clarifier for aquarium freshwater and saltwater and pond.

Removes quickly and reliably green water (floating algae) and whitish cloudiness (bacteria) by germicidal UV-C radiation. Acts purely physically by UV-C light. No adverse side effects. Reduces germs and decreases the risk of infection. Devices can be connected by connecting pieces (JBL ProCristal Connect) for power extension. Longevity through glass flask that protects the reflector inside. Very high effectiveness by max. 10 mm of thickness of the water flow. Safety through automatic shut-off the burner when opening the tool.
50% better efficiency compared with the current series. Elevated radiation through reflection film outside of the glass bulb.
Fittings are optimized for hoses of aquarium and pond. Standard fittings (piping) to fit the terminals.
New findings show that Teilentkeimung (bacteria) is easier to fight than fighting turbidity (algae). The cause is the different cell structure. Therefore, the coverage is higher for a Teilentkeimung than in algae control. New electronic ballasts with higher efficiency.
Enlüftung: To avoid air bubbles in the device, the water clarifier should be raised with the pump running so that the water connection, from the flowing back the water is held for a few seconds upwards.

Data View:

  • Power: 5 Watt
  • Shortest installation length: 32 cm
  • Optional hose connection grommets and threads for PVC pipe connections.
  • Stable 2 m PVC cable with protective conductor and Schuko plug.
  • Socket: G23, wall bracket, screws, hose connections for 12 to 19 mm hoses