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JBL Spirohexol Plus 250 For treatment of flagellates & hole-in-head disease 100 ml for 500 l

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Manufacturer: JBL

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product description

JBL Spirohexol Plus 250 is a medication for aquarium fish to treat intestinal flagellates of the strains, Hexamita and Spironucleus, in fresh water and salt water. Infected fish exhibit dark colouring of the body and only eat very little or not at all. They excrete white, thread-like feces. Animals that have been infected for an extended period of time are very emaciated. In some cases, the stomach region may become bloated. Greyish, hole-like appearances in the animals’ head region, starting at the sensory pores of the lateral line organ, may develop in South American and African cichlids from areas with soft water with a low mineral content. This symptomology is generally known as the “hole-in-head disease”. However, the hole-in-head disease can primarily be traced to poor hygiene and a one-sided diet that is low in vitamins and minerals, which weakens the animals, thereby causing the flagellates in the intestines to multiply.


Shake the bottle well for one minute. Any active carbon should be removed from the filter and UV-C appliances, CO2 fertilisation, skimmers and ozonisers must be switched off. 50 % of the water must be changed prior to application. The tank should be aerated with a diaphragm pump with an air stone during the treatment. JBL Spirohexol Plus 250 should generally be added in the morning and the animals observed.

After one cycle of treatment already, the condition of the fish normally improves or the symptoms even disappear completely. In severe cases, the treatment can be repeated.

Filter with activated carbon for 24 hours after treatment in order to remove residual traces of the medication. The activated carbon must be disposed of properly afterwards. Adding bacteria starters to the tank water helps replace damaged cleansing bacteria.

Consult your veterinarian or pharmacist if you have questions regarding the use of this product.

Product details:

  • Content 100 ml
  • Reach 500 l
  • Effective in treating many species of flagellates such as Spironucleus and Hexamita
  • Active ingredient:
  • is not tolerated by cartilage fish (sharks and rays) and invertebrates in fresh water and salt
  • Image may differ depending on size

Product advantages:

  • No side effects are known on fish
  • For freshwater and saltwater

Product notes:

  • Not to be used in animals intended for human consumption
  • The medication may not be used any longer after the expiry date
  • Do not use with other medications
  • The use of water conditioners weakens the effect of the drug
  • The active ingredient causes colouration of the water, which disappears after a short time
  • Protect from light and heat, store in the original packaging