Manufacturer: OASE Living Water

Oase AquaMed AntiParasit against parasites 500 ml

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EAN: 4005258004776

Manufacturer: OASE Living Water

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  • Amounts of content selection: 500 ml

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product description

With the highly effective fish medicine Oase AquaMed AntiParasit effectively fight the infestation of your fish with unicellular parasites.


  • Against Outer parasite (protozoa, skin excess)
  • Helps with Ichthyobodo (Costia), Trichodina, Hexamita, Cryptobia, Chilodonella
  • Also against bacterial comorbidities


  • Whitish gray to dark velvety plaques
  • White dots
  • Protruding gills
  • Increased respiratory activity
  • Scouring objects
  • clamped fins
  • apathy
  • emaciation

Product details:

  • Fighting unicellular parasites
  • Fights bacterial comorbidities
  • Content: 500 ml